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Home Thermostats Services in Austin, TX

Your home’s air conditioner remains mostly hidden from view, so its components might be a bit of a mystery to some homeowners. However, there’s one part you are definitely familiar with: the thermostat.

Without a thermostat, what good would your air conditioner or heater be? Your thermostat senses the temperature in the home and allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature. But some thermostats work better than others. Your older manual thermostat might be harming overall AC and heating efficiency, and there are so many other options out there today.

Call the Austin Air Conditioning Inc. team to learn about our selection of digital, programmable thermostats and smart thermostats. Or get in touch if your current thermostat doesn’t seem to be working properly. We provide service all throughout the Austin area.


I was prepared to spend a lot of money on a major job, but because of an honest company it was a very minor job.

- D. Roos

The guys that came out knew what they were doing and were friendly and efficient. They did a great job, I love my new range hood!

- Ellen Lewis

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat

Often, when we show up to perform routine maintenance on an air conditioning system or repair a broken heater, we see one of those old manual thermostats on the wall. Thermostats can work for a long time. The problem is that thermostats that have dials and sliders instead of digital screens do not work as well as newer models.

In fact, you might be spending more than you think. If you frequently readjust the thermostat setting because you cannot seem to get it right, that’s costing you money. The more your air conditioner starts and stops, the more energy it needs to use.

It can also be really tough to read the temperature setting when you are using a slider to set it. You might think you are setting the thermostat to 77°, for example, when really it is at 75° or 76°. Just a couple of degrees off, and you could be spending way more than you need to on your energy bills and wearing down your AC system faster.

Your Thermostat Replacement Options

We carry Honeywell thermostats and Nest Wi–Fi equipped technology. Get a new programmable thermostat today to start saving money, or upgrade to a smart thermostat to control the temperature in your home, wherever you are.

Programmable Thermostats
A digital thermostat with programmable options helps you to make decisions about your comfort and energy usage ahead of time. That way, you don’t forget to readjust the thermostat before you leave the home
Nest Thermostats
A Nest thermostat connects to the Wi–Fi in your home to allow you to control the temperature whether you’re just leaving the office or watching your child’s softball game. A wireless thermostat allows you to make energy–smart decisions. And your Nest will learn your preferences in about a week.

Thermostat installation requires the help of an HVAC expert. If your new thermostat is positioned improperly, it may give a false reading of the temperature in the home. It must be properly hooked up to the air conditioning system and heater controls, and any indoor air quality systems or zoning controls you may have.

Austin Air Conditioning Inc. offers thermostat installation and replacement in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Call our team to learn more about our services.

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