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Zone Control Systems

Zone Control Systems in Austin, TX

Central air conditioning and heating makes your house feel like a home, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout. For many homeowners, there’s only one downfall to a properly working system. Because the unit is centralized, you cannot vary the temperature around the home, making some rooms uncomfortably warm or cool for some of the people in the home.

A zone control system allows you to change the temperature in one room without changing the temperature throughout the entire home. Instead, individual dampers open and shut to let air into or out of that room. Everyone feels a little more comfortable, and you can even save money on monthly heating and cooling costs. Call Austin Air Conditioning Inc. to schedule an installation or service. We install and service Honeywell, Lennox, and Carrier systems in Austin, TX.


I was prepared to spend a lot of money on a major job, but because of an honest company it was a very minor job.

- D. Roos

The guys that came out knew what they were doing and were friendly and efficient. They did a great job, I love my new range hood!

- Ellen Lewis

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A Zone Control System Saves Money

With a zone control system, everyone feels a little more comfortable in the various rooms of the home. One person might prefer a lower temperature, while everyone else enjoys a slightly higher temperature for sleeping, but everyone gets what they want with the right zoning setup.

Besides, a zone heating and cooling system can help you to save a lot of money. Here’s how:

  • Raise the temperature in an area of the home that no one is using, in order to save money on your energy costs in the summer.
  • Ensure air is distributed evenly throughout the house. Upstairs areas and large rooms that may be difficult to heat and cool require a lot of energy to do so, without zone control. Proper zoning allows for these rooms to cool completely while the other rooms have airflow restricted, reducing overall energy usage.
  • Control airflow without closing vents, which can wear down the AC system and heater.

Call Us for Zone Control Installation and Service

It’s so important to make sure that you have professionals there with any zoning installation or service. Zone heating and cooling systems help to make your home more efficient, but only if you have a proper setup. In order to optimize airflow for peak efficiency, you need the help of someone who knows about ductwork and HVAC system design.

If your dampers are not opening and closing properly or if the control system does not seem to be responding as it should, call our team. We offer expert repairs and maintenance services on top of our installations.

And if you’re in the market for a new zone control system, we’re ready to help. We install Honeywell, Lennox, and Carrier systems—three of the most trusted names in heating and air conditioning equipment. We will make sure that your zone air conditioning and heating system is just the right fit for your space. We will install the control system and thermostats, and we’ll show you how to use it.

Austin Air Conditioning Inc. has been a trusted name in the HVAC industry throughout Austin, TX since 1990. Cross the bridge to better comfort and better service!

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