Heat Pumps

Typically, the air conditioner is separate from the heating system. The conventional split air conditioning system uses refrigerant to absorb heat from the air in the home and then move that heat outside. In the winter, when you switch over the thermostat to “heating” mode, your furnace kicks in.

But that’s not the only way to cool and heat a home. A heat pump is a high-efficiency heating system and an air conditioning system too. It looks a lot like the standard central air conditioner, with an indoor blower unit and an outside compressor unit, but it has extra components that help it to move heat into the home in the winter.

Call Austin Air Conditioning Inc. to learn more about heat pumps installation and replacement in Austin, TX. We also offer heat pump repair and maintenance services, thermostat installation, and much more!

A Heat Pump Is Ideal for Our Climate in Austin

Not sure if a heat pump installation is the right choice for your home? More and more Austin residents are opting for heat pumps as a replacement for the conventional air conditioner/furnace combination because a single system can cool and heat your home just as efficiently—if not more so.

In Austin, we have a climate that’s perfect for heat pumps most of the year. In the summer, it will work just as well as your old central air conditioner. In fact, if you choose a high–efficiency heat pump replacement, it may use far less energy than your old air conditioner.

In the winter, temperatures outside rarely drop so low that a heat pump cannot perform efficiently. Heat pumps absorb heat from the air outside and then transfer that heat indoors. It should be able to do this even as temperatures approach freezing.

Our Heat Pump Services

Austin Air Conditioning Inc. offers heat pump installation and service in Austin, TX. Call to learn more about our services and get a brief overview in the list below.

  • Heat Pump Installation
    We will carefully size your home and pick out a system that is just right for your home. We can even connect your heat pump to a gas furnace (a system known as a dual fuel heat pump) for maximum efficiency and performance in the winter when you need it.
  • System Replacement
    Heat pumps are durable and efficient, but there will eventually come a time when you need to replace yours and upgrade to an even better system. We’ll remove the old heat pump (or standard air conditioner) and help you find a new unit that works with your budgetary and sizing requirements.
  • Heat Pump Repair
    If your heat pump breaks down, we can be there quickly to help you resolve the issue. We can seal your refrigerant line, clear out the condensate drain, or replace your reversing valve, and much more.
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
    Annual maintenance may help to keep your heat pump in good condition for the remainder of the season. We recommend scheduling this service in the spring, to prepare your heat pump system for AC season; and in the fall, so that it operates efficiently throughout the heating season.

Call us today to learn more about our services or about heat pump systems available in Austin, TX!

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