Indoor Air Quality

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Micropure MX4 Ionic Oxidation

MicroPure MX4™ Ionic Oxidation

Utilizes propriety metallic technology and UV light energy to naturally produce ionic air scrubbers and destroy many indoor pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, mildew, allergens, and odors.


Carbon Air Purifier

Carbon Air Purifier

Advanced Carbon and UV Light technology reduces VOC’s, germs, odors, and allergens in your Home’s indoor air.


Active & UV Light (Coil Installation)

Active Air Purifier

Unique multi-technologies target air quality problems at the source, such as dust, dander, germs, volatile organic compounds, allergens, odors and more.

Installed into the supply plenum of your HVAC system, the Dust Free® Active in-duct air purifier’s environmentally-friendly oxidizers and negative ionization system safely and effectively purifies the air in your home.

Packages as low as $895.00

All these products are installed either at the supply or return plenum, depending on product selection.

Keep in mind, the UV bulb will need to be changed every 2 years. Each product has a warranty between 3-7 years depending on the product you purchase.


UV Air Purification

The new Lightstick Plus UV is a development collaboration between Dust Free and the leading UV lamp manufacturer in Europe using the highest quality components the industry has ever seen from the power supply and lamp to connectors and cordage.

The Lightstick utilizes low mercury lamps that are good for the environment and provide high ambient temperature operation.

100% ozone free.


  • Works in conjunction with your air fillter 24/7 to disinfect cooling coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces.
  • Fights mold and bacteria growth for optimal coil purification. 24V power module.
  • Expanded range ballast operates over a range of 20V to 32V and offers 3000V surge protection.
  • Direct ConnectTM custom design allows lamp to be installed directly in A-coil delta plate for optimal UV exposure.
  • Remote mount lamp capability.
  • Quick disconnect lamp connection enables easy lamp replacement.


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Truth is, there's never a good time for your HVAC to go out.

Time and temperature are your HVAC worst enemies. Left on its own, your unit can have a significantly shorter lifespan resulting in costly and ill-timed repairs.

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